What Do You Need to Know?

November 7, 2021

Just another Monday morning and you are driving to work on your usual route. You are so used to this routine that you know exactly where to drive to get to work the fastest while running into as little traffic as possible. But just as you’re about to turn onto the highway, a man with a sign is there, waving for you to stop. This is always an annoying aspect of our society but a necessary one. Just as necessary as road work and maintenance for our roads is, doing so safely is essential. If these rules are not followed, serious accidents can occur.

There are many steps you need to take to set up a work zone properly. First, like every project, you need to have a plan. Where does the work zone begin? Where does it end? What equipment do you need? A safe worksite is one where the workers are prepared.

The next step is the setup. This step can be very dangerous as you are working right next to the road while you are trying to set up the safety equipment. Always remain aware of your surroundings. The first thing that you will want to build is a sign to warn oncoming traffic that a work zone is being built. You will work from here going up the road which will give the drivers and pedestrians on the sides of the road enough time to react and respond to the changing lanes.

While you may have signs to direct traffic, you will need someone at the beginning of the work zone to interact with the drivers and communicate with them. These traffic controllers must be vigilant and attentive to the oncoming drivers. They are the first line of defense to alert drivers.

Work zones can be annoying, but it is critical for your safety to follow all preexisting laws, whether you work in the zone or drive through it. Many hazards can follow a poor choice if these safety regulations are neglected. To learn more about the standards, go to the Hard Hat Training series website for a plethora of training resources. Good luck and stay safe!