Recordkeeping: More Than a Good Idea

November 30, 2021
record keeping working image

Whether you are operating a large business or a small one, keeping good records is extremely important.  Here are some things to be aware of.

Every good business owner knows the importance of documentation. Keeping organized and accessible records is critical to keeping you safe as well as your employees. There are many different ways employers keep records. No matter the method, employers need to know how to find and interpret their records in the event that they are needed. But did you know that having good records is more than just a good business practice? In fact, the EEOC requires employers of any business to participate in recordkeeping.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, employers must keep employment records for any employees in the company. However, if an employee resigns or is terminated, companies must still keep their records on hand. The EEOC requires that companies hold onto employee records for at least one year after the employee has left the company. And this is just basic information. Employee payroll records must be kept for even longer. The EEOC requires that payroll records must be kept for at least three years after the employee has left the company. But what is the point in all this recordkeeping?

The point is to keep you safe as well as your employee. In the event of a lawsuit, having a detailed record of the employee’s time with the company is essential. Investigators will want to see detailed, specific, and easily interpretable documentation while investigating any charges. Here at Hard Hat Training, we are aware of the need for good documentation. That is why we have compiled a thorough recordkeeping training to teach employers, supervisors, and managers how to document an employee’s work. We want to remind employers about the benefits of keeping a good record.

For more information, check out our recordkeeping training or visit our main site for other training options.

Good luck and stay safe!